Development Policies


All projects, inquiries and data are kept confidential and client privacy is our top policy. Projects & testimonials are added to our portfolio with permission where only public details about the project are outlined. If Developer utilizes third party service providers or tools to complete some or all of the Client project, only enough information to complete assigned tasks is given and all related parties are expected to adhere to client privacy policies.

Also see the privacy policy:


The client is responsible for: any 3rd party costs associated with development not outlined in the proposal. Examples: site hosting, domain management, site content and site marketing, etc.

Client is also responsible for providing any information, specifications, materials, designs (such as brochures, logos, pictures, etc), content and any other information (if not already determined to be included in the project scope), if applicable, in order to help complete the project in a timely manner. Client understands that failure to provide expected materials could result in project delays.


Developer is responsible for completing the site project as outlined in this proposal.

Developer is also responsible for fixing bugs that are at fault of the developer. Example: bugs or errors that arise due to incorrect programming or functions that do not function as outlined in this proposal.

Bugs or events that arise due to client error or neglect or by user error or neglect; may or may not be covered and is left to the developer’s discretion which may or may not result in additional fees or charges.


Developer is committed to Client satisfaction. It is our policy to conduct project discovery sessions, provide adequate and reasonable revisions, feedback and edits to accomplish the goals of each Client.

All projects are refundable at the Clients request except under the following circumstances and will be made at the discretion of the Developer:

Refunds for projects are nonrefundable under the following circumstances:

  • No contact from Client for longer than 1 month after repeated, reasonable contact attempts by Developer.
  • Developer has completed work valued more than the deposit or total sum of payment installments.
  • Client has given final approval on project or expressed acceptance of deliverables, mocks and samples.
  • Developer has delivered website, code and/or graphics in whole or in part to Client or uploaded deliverables to a Client submitted hosting account.


The initial design draft can be changed until client satisfaction. Any marketing materials such as banner design, logo design, etc may be subject to an additional quote if not already outlined in this proposal.


Please be aware due to time differences, different work schedules and working remotely, Developer may need a few hours, a day, sometimes two to respond. Communication is triaged. For example: client emergencies are answered the quickest over general, less important requests such as changing the color of a link. At no time should it be expected to communicate important facts about the project on social networking sites due to the inability to properly document the project. Weekends are generally off time’ unless there is a pressing matter such as: client emergencies or important project progress or the project generally requires it. Emails and phone calls may be answered the upcoming business Monday unless its a holiday. For client emergencies, Developer can be reached the fastest by calling or texting (813) 263-4104. For non-emergencies, please use email only. Sites are developed using a project management system such as Asana or Basecamp unless the project is small in nature and does not require such a system.


Ongoing development support that extends beyond the initial proposal shall be viewed as additional requests and may be subject to an additional fee and/or quote unless the issue is a bug or error at the fault of the developer as outlined in the ‘DEVELOPER RESPONSIBILITIES’ section.

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