GoDaddy Reseller Review: Wild West Domains

Wild West Domains is a reseller company by GoDaddy who sells various domain reseller packages to businesses and individuals. In return, one could sell domains at a certain price range or even domain reseller accounts themselves.

I had an account as a domain reseller with Wild West Domains for a little over a year. I made a few bucks. Unfortunately, the downsides outweigh the earnings one could make.


I had their “Super Reseller Plan” which was their best package. It cost over $200 a year and came with Adwords credit. I don’t remember the exact figures but it was pretty close to what it was now. I had the ability to sell domains, reseller accounts and their other products. The usability issues came when I had to login to 3 different controls panels: one for the Wild West Domain master account, one for the individual domains account and another for the actual area of selling domain reseller accounts.

Stat reports are just as scattered across three different accounts including customer and revenue reporting. Setting prices for any product is a click-and-type fest. Do you recall how the check out process is with GoDaddy? The same is for setting the template and colors of the layout: an endless screen circle of useless options.


There are tons of customization options for a Wild West Domains reseller account,  however, it is not enough.  Reseller accounts can be spotted from a mile away with their similar layouts and graphics.  They all look very similar to this. If you do want any say so with the layout and design, they provide an API but it’s very expensive.

I have a work around that I used back then: create a static website using your own hosting solution. Write about the different products and services. Finally, link out to your WWD reseller account for purchase. I already contacted Wild West Domains back then and they allowed me to use the graphics for promotion as long as I was a reseller. However, I would lightly use their graphics (such as SSL products images and other various logos) but create an actual unique layout with unique content.


The costs are fair but still high compared to other reseller accounts. I found ways to get my money’s worth. First, WWD gives you the ability to set up accounts that can purchase from you at cost. You don’t make commission but you can buy from yourself and get a reduced rate on your domains.

Secondly, you can sell domains from your account to others but most people do not want to remain with an unknown reseller.

Finally, they allow you to set your own pricing but within a marginal range. For instance, I believe the highest you can go on a .com is about $30 (it’s been awhile since I had an account).  But you still have to price to be competitive.

60 Day Rule

I’m still a little pissed at GoDaddy about their 60 day rule which they reset every time someone makes a simple whois change.  I found out   while ICANN frowns upon this practice (but yet does nothing about it), it technically isn’t a violation yet. The 60 day rule also applies to each and every WWD reseller account. I’ve had a few pissed off domainers who wanted to transfer out well past the initial 60 day mark for new domains and way before the 60 day mark for expiring domains.

A few weeks ago, GoDaddy signed up at DNForum to cozy up with domainers. I smelled their bluff and I asked when they were going to change this (to an employee who won’t reveal himself) and they never addressed the issue. Until then, I have became a customer, paying a little more but the trade off is worth it.


Overall, I would rate Wild West Domains reseller accounts a 3 out of 10. The only reason I’m being that “generous” is because you can make money if you work at it but it comes with a huge customization, usability and 60 day rule issue that are deal breakers for me. If you consider WWD, keep in mind that more people are starting to recognize the layout and it may be harder to sell.

  • vikas

    well I was just to about buy the reseller account but now I have changed my mind

  • Mark

    you just pay reseller fees for nothing, Godaddy will sell all products cheaper than yours, so even you are reseller, you cant buy any product cheaper for yourself, you will prefer to go to Godaddy as they sell cheaper than yours or you can search promo code on Google to pay more less to godaddy but with your own reseller account, you cant get cheaper prices as compare to go daddy
    if you think to cancel or downgrade your reseller account, all customers will be transfered to domain price right

    I recommend to use reseller club, better than anyone else

  • kim

    what if after you buy a super reseller account, you buy a pro reseller at the cost, then return back the super reseller account
    in the 30 days money back guarantee,

    is it worth it? or still wasting money?

  • Stephen Stankiewicz

    I totally agree and tried this a few years back also. The time for customizing the setup was definitely a downer. I eventually scrapped that idea…

    I had the same issue Mark above mentioned too and just went with GD reseller options. I get most domains at auction or on drops so not many hand registrations are happening on my end.

  • Victor

    Thanks, you saved me!

  • Doug

    Seems to me the solution would be to use the plans of a reseller and then sell their products directly rather than count on random buys from a web search that lands on your page. People want to buy from a name company like GoDaddy rather than the reseller. That means your customers need to be developed by direct sales, and word of mouth. Tough sale. The intro would be saying up front you are a resller of GoDaddy products. Such as I am a broker for Merrill Lynch.. you then become their window into GoDaddy services. Most do not want to hassel with setting up email, websites..ect no matter how simple. They prefer to focus on their business. So as a resller you become an under_paid webmaster.. tough work.

  • Tracy Faves

    I have always thought that GoDaddy Reseller program is something that a would-be self-entrepreneur can use to start a small business, until I read your review today. Thanks google for making your review popping up on the first page of search results of “godaddy reseller”.

    I totally agree with you on the usability issues. Personally I don’t like to sign up for my own domain hosting with GoDaddy because of its endless screens on suggested cross-sales, which are confusing and annoying. I also agree with you that there are many look-alike reseller sites around, which can be easily identified by the page layout and style. Being almost-identical with others certainly does not help sales, because potential customers prefer to go with the name brand service providers directly. This leads to your statement of the necessity of making customization using API.

    The 60-day rule is something new to me, as I am still exploring the idea of signing up for the reseller program. It is definitely something worth paying attention to.

    I agree with Doug that direct sales may be the best strategy to increase sales.

    I just wonder if godaddy reseller program has anything like 30-day money-back guarantee so that new resellers can at least have an option to back out if they find out it is not something for them.

  • Disgruntled

    Whatever you do, STAY CLEAR of EZ-COM LLC, a reseller for Wild West Domains. They use the 60 day rule and their relationship with Wild West Domains to steal domains, lock up domains, and extort money from domain owners. My experience with them has been 100% horrible. I have experienced all of the above and despite court orders to release my domains, they continue to screw with me. The latest thing they did was to set up domain accounts with themselves in my name, transfer my domains to their account and then tell me that they’ll give me the authorization codes to my domains once I pay over 200.00 dollars in associated bogus fees. Until I pay up, they will not give me access to my domains or the accounts that they set up in my name without my permission or request. Don’t do business with EZ-COM!! You’ll die a thousand deaths if you do.

  • deepak sharma

    I want to cancel my pro reseller plan, can we know that what will happen with my current customer and domains. How can, they will be able to manage them


    • Tia Wood

      Your customer base will revert to being managed by Domains Priced Right which is a sub company of GoDaddy.