Business Website Evaluation

Examples of business websites produced by professional pre-built theme authors.

Your business could be leaving money on the table by having a less than efficient website. Find out where and how by ordering a Business Website Evaluation.

Increase Traffic and Revenue

A professional website evaluation addresses several key areas in-depth to report what is working and what isn’t in the areas of usability, site speed, social media performance and other metrics.


Measurements & Metrics

Results are compiled into a PDF document and we will go over your results via Skype chat.

The report is broken down by the reporting areas below:

  1. User Friendliness
    • navigation
    • graphical display
    • intuitive browsing
    • page load time
  2. Design
    • overall aesthetics
    • site architecture
    • layout design
    • sidebar, header, footer, content area
    • CSS & HTML
    • branding
  3. Site Speed & Performance
    • check how fast a page loads
  4. Social Media Performance
    • check past posts
    • check user engagement
    • check post quality
  5. Marketing Efforts
    • call-to-action
    • conversion optimization
    • sales funnel
    • newsletter placement
  6. Search Engine Optimization
    • meta tags
    • schema tags
    • permalink structure
    • on page optimization
    • local optimization
  7. Content Quality
    • tone and pace
    • targeted toward niche
    • clear and easy to understand
    • headlines

Insight and Direction

Each reporting area contains concerns followed by suggestions, tips and resources.

Immediate Action Plan

The results are compiled as an easy to follow guide that you can utilize to take action on immediately. Don’t miss out on potential sales and new customers. Order now to get started improving your business website today.

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Your business could be leaving money on the table by having a less than efficient website. Find out where and how.

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