Social Media Branding

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Why Social Media?

Using social media is a great way for a brand to stay in touch with customers and gain new customers in the process. Social media offers a way to have live, interactive discussions with customers and prospects. It is reported that 77% social network users report feeling more positive and confident about a brand that replies to posts and tweets. This also gives the opportunity to communicate company values, culture and ethics.

The facts

  • Over 2 billion users are active on social media
  • Over 500,000 people join Facebook daily
  • The average Twitter user has 200 followers

Attract More Customers

Social networks allow you to become part of the conversation with your customers and prospects. Use it to provide customer service, find out what your targeted audience is talking about and attract targeted leads.

Social Media Tips

  • Graphics and Colors – make sure avatar, colors and graphical headers match branding.
  • Regular Monitoring – have someone monitor these accounts daily by setting alerts.
  • Be Responsive – address posts and tweets as soon as possible. engage with customers.
  • No Spamming – do not just post links to the website. Posting should be about 75% customer engagement and 25% or less link posting.

How I can help:

  • I make sure social media accounts match branding colors and design requirements.
  • Encourage customers and prospects to join social accounts via on page design.
  • Make sure each page is properly formatted for social sharing (social meta data, images, etc)
  • Look for opportunities to prompt for social media engagement such as newsetters, article footers, comment sections, etc.
  • Review existing tweets and posts to give tips on how to improve interaction and customer service

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