WordPress Customization

Why Customize?

The biggest benefit of purchasing a premade WordPress theme or plugin is cost savings. However, the downside is other people have already bought the same theme so it helps to customize things tailored to your business branding. WordPress customization services help resolve this downside.

Site Customization Facts

  • Customizing an existing WordPress plugin or theme is more cost efficient than developing a custom site from scratch. The difference can be thousands of dollars in savings.
  • WordPress themes can be customized by creating child themes.

Improvements all around

  • Customers and users see business branding and not a pre-made template.
  • Templates and plugins can be made to easily fit project functionality requirements.
  • Starting with pre-made themes and plugins as a foundation helps a project stay within budget and reduces development time.

How I can help

  • I can help you choose the right theme as a starter or work with an existing installed theme.
  • I can advise you on how required functionality can be implemented.
  • Colors and layout can be further customized.
  • Custom programming can be implemented into themes and plugins.

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