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Why Develop with WordPress?

Over 75 Million websites run on WordPress because is a simple yet powerful platform right out of the box. Hundreds of developers from around the world have contributed to its core code for over ten years making it one of the most stable, flexible and secure platforms available.

WordPress Facts

  • WordPress is currently the most popular content management system (CMS) on the internet
  • There are over 40,000 available plugins
  • Celebrities like Russel Brand, Jay Z and Sylvester Stallone use WordPress
  • Popular brands such as Forbes, The New York Time and Harvard Business Review publish on WordPress


  • Cost Efficient – WordPress is an open source platform.
  • Easy Management – The backend of WordPress is easy to manage.
  • Available Templates & Plugins – There are thousands of existing themes and plugins readily available to extend or customize the functionality of WordPress.
  • SEO Optimized – WordPress is SEO friendly. Additionally, popular plugins such as Yoast are free to use and contain advanced features such as social meta cards, manual meta tags and more.
  • Security
  • Flexibility – Developing on top of WordPress is easy thanks to the WordPress API.
  • Multilingual Ready

WordPress Development Tips

  • Check out WordPress.com
  • Explore the free theme and plugin database
  • Explore Evanto
  • Choose the right hosting
  • Test in mobile
  • Test page speed

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WordPress Development

Over 75 Million websites run on WordPress because is a simple yet powerful platform right out of the box.

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