WordPress Updates & Upgrades

Why Update?

WordPress is currently the most popular CMS available. This is also the reason why you should keep it up to date. Not only are malicious users targeting older WordPress installs but the WordPress development community is great about releasing updates to keep code updated and secure.

Updating Facts

  • WordPress source code is updated over 50 times per day from volunteers in the open source community. Frequent updates makes WordPress one of the most secure CMS available.
  • WordPress names each major update after Jazz players. Among them: Miles Davis, Art Blakey and Charles Mingus.

Old sites affect users

  • The older a site is, the more likely technology will be outdated and affect browser performance.
  • Older websites are more likely to be hacked or compromised.
  • Slow performance may be due to older plugins and/or themes.

What to update?

There are three parts of WordPress needing updates: core WordPress code, themes and plugins. It is good practice to backup the database and all site files before updating WordPress. First, update WordPress core. Next update the theme and finally the plugins. Browse each area of the site to make sure pages, contact forms and logins are still working and error free.

How I can help

  • I will back up your site files and database
  • I will take inventory of what exactly needs to be updated including any parts of the website that are not WordPress such as content, images or miscellaneous functionality.
  • First, I will update WordPress core, then the theme and plugins and finally make suggestions on other improvements.
  • In the case of any issues, I will fix simple errors or attempt to work with the plugin or theme developer for a fix.

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